“Cobor între Stejari”: A Spectacular Two-Day Festival Celebrating Nature and Music in Transylvania

Step into a world where ancient oaks intertwine with newly planted saplings, and the melodies of traditional music fill the air. “Cobor între Stejari,” was a captivating festival that took place the first weekend of June in the scenic village of Cobor, nestled in the heart of Transylvania. It was hosted by the Foundation Conservation Carpathia with the generous support of the OAK Foundation. This event showcased the remarkable old oak meadows in this area, along with the young oak trees that are returning there through the Foundation’s efforts.

Rare Oak Wood Pastures

At the heart of the festival lies a compelling ecological reconstruction project initiated by the Foundation in 2019. The enchanting Cobor village, one of Transylvania’s oldest settlements, is home to rare oak wood pastures, a treasure trove of biodiversity found nowhere else in Europe. Over 550 sessile oak (Quercus petraea) saplings have already taken root here, with an additional 150 set to be planted soon, marking a significant step towards the revival of these ancient woodlands.

“Cobor între Stejari” served as an open invitation to explore and immerse oneself in the natural wonders of the region. Visitors embarked on hikes through areas adorned with majestic ancient oak trees, participated in guided tours of the historic Transylvanian village of Cobor, and explored Cobor Biodiversity Farm. The farm serves as a living testament to the Foundation’s ongoing efforts, with sprawling meadows where young oak saplings eagerly establish their roots.

As the sun was setting, the festival came alive with vibrant dancing and captivating music. The idyllic Cobor Biodiversity Farm provided the perfect backdrop for enchanting performances by local musicians such as Mădălina Pavăl and Orchestra, 4Tune QuartetRadu Croitoru as well as Simion Bogdan Mihai and Lăutarii de Mătase.

Scenic Cycling Adventure

The festival, which took place on the 3rd and 4th of June, also featured the highly anticipated second edition of the Carpathia Bike Tour. Designed for cycling enthusiasts, this event took over 130 participants on an unforgettable journey along forest roads, rolling hills, and quiet lanes. Starting from the iconic Rupea Fortress, cyclists embarked on a scenic 60-kilometre route, passing through Homorod, Ungra, and Crihalma, before arriving at the Cobor Biodiversity Farm for a well-deserved brunch. The tour then continued to Jibert and Dacia, before returning to the starting point, Rupea Fortress. As the day drew to a close, cyclists were invited to immerse themselves in the melodious tunes of Mădălina Pavăl’s concert.

Festival Activities at Cobor Între Stejari

The festival’s program was brimming with activities to suit every interest. From touring the picturesque Transylvanian village of Cobor and visiting the historic Reformed Church, to embarking on guided hikes through the ancient oak trees of Ticuș, there was something for everyone. Visitors could also explore the Cobor Biodiversity Farm, where they witnessed firsthand the nurturing of new oak saplings. The tour revealed the farm’s commitment to sustainability and conservation, inspiring visitors with its profound dedication to preserving the natural heritage of the region.

Moreover, “Cobor între Stejari” wasn’t solely about the great outdoors and captivating music. Visitors had the opportunity to engage with an exhibition showcasing the natural wonders of the nearby Făgăraș Mountains, relish in delicious local cuisine, and partake in workshops specifically designed for children, fostering an appreciation for nature and heritage from a young age. They had the chance to send postcards to their family and friends back home, thanks to a collaboration with the Romanian Post. There was also excellent craft beer available on tap from Pardon Brewery, amazing coffee from Croitoria de Cafea and fantastic local products from Roadele Munților food hub.

With its harmonious blend of breathtaking landscapes, captivating music, and a deep commitment to conservation, “Cobor între Stejari” offered an experience to remember. This two-day festival served as a testament to the enduring power of nature and the efforts of dedicated organisations like the Foundation Conservation Carpathia, reminding us all of the importance of preserving our natural heritage for generations to come.

Thrilled Attendees and Exemplary Teamwork

The feedback we received from festival-goers during and after the event was overwhelmingly positive, reflecting their genuine satisfaction. People expressed their appreciation for the well-organised event, mentioning how everything flowed smoothly and seamlessly. The delicious food and beverages were met with enthusiasm, and the music created a delightful atmosphere that added to the overall enjoyment. The hard work and dedication of the more than 30 passionate team members, partners and volunteers involved in the planning and execution of the event were evident. Their commitment to ensuring a successful and memorable experience for everyone was truly commendable. The organisers take great pride in the positive response and are grateful for the opportunity to bring people together in such a meaningful way. 

Images taken by: Raluca Vieru, Paul Chiorean, Claudiu Postelnicu, Alex Popa, Alexandru Crețu, Andrei Alexandru Popa.

Further details about the festival and bike tour are accessible on the Facebook event pages for “Cobor între Stejari” and “Carpathia Bike Tour”. You can also find many more images from the event on the Facebook page for Cobor Biodiversity Farm.

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