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Foundation Conservation Carpathia has become a specialist for organising great events with local food, culture and traditions, amazing music and outdoor cinema, and a lot of experiences around nature. Join us on some unforgettable weekends with a variety of themes and activities.

Carpathia Bike Tour

Carpathia Bike Tour, a cycling event organised in partnership with COBOR Biodiversity Farm, invites cycling and nature enthusiasts on 8th June, 2024 for its third edition. This year’s event features an extended route and a unique experience in the Transylvanian Hills, showcasing the region’s biodiversity, history and culture.

Participants are invited to cycle approximately 80 km through the beautiful and historic villages of Transylvania, along winding roads that traverse hills scented with the fragrance of flowers, through cool forests and on roads with light traffic. The COBOR Biodiversity Farm is where cyclists will stop for lunch and discover a sustainable, nature-friendly business that supports community development.

For the first time, the tour will also pass through Viscri, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The tour begins at Rupea Fortress and continues through Homorod, Ungra, Crihalma, Ticuș, reaching Cobor, where COBOR Biodiversity Farm will await cyclists with traditional goulash (made from Transylvanian Grey cattle meat) and other surprises. The route continues to Jibert, Dacia, and on to Viscri, returning to Dacia, then going towards Rupea. The finish line is at Rupea Fortress.

With an average to advanced difficulty level, the route can be covered on MTB, cross-country, or trekking bicycles. The tour is recommended for trained cyclists who have undertaken similar distance tours with a comparable level of difficulty. Protective equipment for public roads, adherence to traffic rules, and compliance with the speed set by the organiser for riding in a group are mandatory.

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‘Cobor între Stejari’ Festival

This is a lovely two-day festival celebrating nature and music in Transylvania. This event is organised at the COBOR Biodiversity Farm and highlights the old oak pastures around Cobor, as well as the return of the oaks on other pastures due to the Foundation’s efforts. The festival is an experience that includes hikes, concerts and guided tours.

‘Cobor între Stejari’ is the meeting place between old and new, between the ancient oaks that have been preserved in the area for hundreds of years and the young oaks that are taking root here.

In an ecological restoration project started by Foundation Conservation Carpathia in 2019, more than 550 sessile oak (Quercus petraea) saplings have found their place here, with another 150 added last spring.

The village of Cobor is one of the oldest Transylvanian villages and is situated in the middle of these rare oak wood pastures, which are unique in Europe.

The festival is an invitation to discover these natural values through hikes in areas with ancient oak trees, tours through the old Transylvanian village, visits to the COBOR Biodiversity Farm, and excursions to the meadows where new oak saplings are taking root.

Evenings during the festival are dedicated to dancing and enjoying live music at COBOR Biodiversity Farm. The 2024 edition will take place on the 22nd and 23rd June.

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The Goulash Competition

In October, the village of Cobor buzzes with excitement as cauldrons simmer and bubble for The Goulash Competition – a delightful event perfect for sharing with friends and family. Hosted by COBOR Biodiversity Farm, this competition puts the spotlight on the Transylvanian Grey cattle meat, a premium product from the farm.

The Goulash Competition is more than just a feast for the taste buds; it offers an authentic autumnal experience on the farm. The air carries hints of ripe fruit from laden trees and the scent of hay prepared for winter.

Visitors can enjoy a guided farm tour, family-friendly activities, and leisurely strolls under the mild October sun.

During the contest, multiple teams, each with a maximum of five members, enter the competition, showcasing their finest goulash creations for the public to savour. This gastronomic event is accompanied by live music, setting a harmonious and festive atmosphere.

Mark your calendars for the 12th of October and get ready for a day filled with culinary delights, autumnal charm, and shared moments of joy at COBOR Biodiversity Farm.

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Făgăraș Fest

Făgăraș Fest is an annual event that invites nature enthusiasts to reconnect with the energy of the Făgăraș Mountains and explore the surrounding villages for an engaging cultural experience. Focused on sustainability and community, it features a huge variety of activities for all ages. Festival-goers can expect an inclusive atmosphere centred around togetherness, all set against the backdrop of the stunning Făgăraș Mountains.

The festival spans a weekend of festivities, featuring outdoor film screenings, lively concerts, dancing, and opportunities to connect with nature and local culture through guided hikes, bird and bat tours, and guided tours through the village.

Delicious local products and artisanal crafts are showcased, celebrating the region’s culinary and traditional heritage. Family-friendly activities, including workshops, interactive nature exhibits, and sports, cater to participants of all ages.

Access to the festival is free. Făgăraș Fest is more than just a celebration – it’s a movement towards sustainable tourism and the preservation of natural landscapes. Launched in 2019, the festival aims to highlight the natural and cultural richness of communities around the Făgăraș Mountains while advocating for the establishment of the Făgăraș Mountains National Park.

The festival is a contribution to the well-being of the locals and to the protection of nature, and the presence of the public at the festival supports this. Spending time and holidays in the Făgăraș Mountains area is a small ‘investment’ in the local economy, which will start to work and lead to the development of ecotourism.

This year, the fifth edition of the festival will take place in Sebeșu de Sus, in Sibiu County, between the 26th and 28th July.

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