Cobor Biodiversity Farm


We offer cozy accommodations in beautifully restored guesthouses. Enjoy the surroundings of ancient oak forests and rolling hills, and the charm of traditional architecture. Our guesthouses provide a unique and relaxing experience, combining the comfort of modern amenities with the beauty of historical preservation and natural landscapes.

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Farm experience

Dicover activities at Cobor

Biodiversity Farm

Cobor is a perfect blend of high nature value pasture, biodiversity conservation, organic farming, a hidden gem for travellers and a haven for horses and cattle.

The story of COBOR Biodiversity Farm

The story of COBOR Biodiversity Farm is one of transformation, conservation and community development. In 2007, Danish philanthropist Markus F. Jebsen purchased around 500 hectares of agricultural land in and around the Transylvanian village of Cobor.

This land was obtained from previous landowners who had departed the village and no longer utilised it. Additionally, he purchased several houses that had been abandoned for 20 years or more, these were showing advanced signs of decay.

In 2016, Markus donated his company, which included the land in Cobor, several houses, and 1,000 hectares of forests in the Făgăraș Mountains, to Foundation Conservation Carpathia. This Romanian non-governmental organisation aims to establish a novel, globally recognized wilderness reserve in the Southern Romanian Carpathians, fostering biodiversity and supporting local communities.

From 2016 to 2018, the Swiss Temperatio Foundation awarded three grants to Foundation Conservation Carpathia. These funds were allocated for the transformation of the land and houses into a thriving biodiversity farm. The farm has since become a model of successful conservation entrepreneurship, aiming to advance the local community while maintaining a harmonious equilibrium with the surrounding environment.

The Transylvanian hills harbour some of Europe’s last untouched high natural value grasslands. Cobor village stands as an ideal location for biodiversity conservation and the management of these grasslands.

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Activities at Cobor

We’re committed to ensuring that your stay is filled with fun and memorable experiences. That’s why we offer a diverse array of complimentary games / activities for our guests to enjoy. Whether you’re seeking some friendly competition or a leisurely pastime, we have something for everyone. Test your balance and agility with some slacklining, or try your hand at archery and see if you can hit the bullseye. You can also take to the skies with kite flying or engage in a game of badminton. Experience the excitement of Mölkky, a popular Finnish throwing game, or challenge friends and family to a game of cornhole. We also offer football for children and a Velcro dart board.

Bookable activities

Cobor camping experience

Cobor camping experience

Reconnect with nature in the peaceful surroundings of Transylvania with our camping escape. The campsite is situated among the gentle rolling hills near Cobor village.

A short hike (1-1.5 hours) or bike ride away, our guided experience offers a unique opportunity to disconnect and fully engage with the beauty of the outdoors.

Available from May to October, our campsite accommodates groups of up to 10 guests in teepee-style tents, providing comfortable beds and all necessary amenities for a relaxing stay. Enjoy delicious meals served by our staff while enjoying the picturesque views and peaceful surroundings.

  • € 135 per adult per night for groups of more than 4 persons – and
  • € 84 per child per night
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Horse cart camping

Horse cart camping

Step back in time with our horse cart camping experience at COBOR Biodiversity Farm. This is one of the best ways to explore the peaceful forests and meadows surrounding Cobor village.

As evening falls, our team sets up camp, builds a warm fire, and prepares a delicious meal for you to enjoy under the open sky.

Away from the noise and bright lights of the city, you’ll find yourself surrounded by nature’s calm. Wake up to the gentle sounds of birds at dawn, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a peaceful night’s sleep. For those seeking an extended escape, prolong your journey for a few more days.

  • € 400 per night per cart
  • max. 4 persons per cart – (includes horse drawn cart with driver, guide and camping equipment – food costs are not included, an additional € 27 per person per day)
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Horse cart ride

Horse cart ride

Enjoy a charming horse cart ride through the picturesque village surroundings of Cobor, where you can explore the tranquil beauty and rich biodiversity of the area.

Traverse the undulating hills, with meadows and forests, offering a serene backdrop – an ideal setting to relax and discover a sense of harmony.

Operated by local individuals and their horses, our horse cart rides offer more than just a scenic journey, it is a glimpse into village life. The unhurried pace allows you to appreciate the breathtaking views of nearby mountains and settlements, creating a memorable experience.

Customize your ride to suit your fitness level, preferences, and needs, ensuring a personalised and enjoyable adventure. You can choose to have a stop along the way for a delightful picnic at a picturesque spot, adding an extra touch of relaxation to your exploration. The ride usually takes around 2.5/3 hours.

  • € 55 / cart
  • max. 4 pers per cart
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Guided hiking tour

Guided hiking tour

The hills, forests and meadows around Cobor village are great for easy hikes and offer great views of the surrounding mountains and traditional Transylvanian villages.

We invite you to explore this wonderful area, rich in biodiversity, surrounded by centuries-old oak pastures and pine forests.

You can choose to have a guided tour (two to four hours) or we can provide GPS tracks so you can navigate the beautiful landscapes at your own pace.

  • Two hour Guided Nature Hike
    € 20-25 per person depending on group size
  • Four hour Guided Nature Hike
    € 30-25 per person depending on group size
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Bike tours

Bike tours

Experience the natural and cultural beauty of Transylvania as you pedal through villages and historical sites around COBOR Biodiversity Farm.

Situated near iconic fortified Saxon churches and scenic bike trails, Cobor serves as the perfect starting point for unforgettable cycling excursions. Discover charming destinations like Felmer, Șoarș, Bărcuț, Brădeni, Viscri, and Făgăraș on day trips from our farm. Whether you bring your own bike or rent one from us, we’ve got you covered. You can choose to have a guided tour or we can provide GPS tracks so you can navigate the beautiful landscapes at your own pace.

  • € 22 per bike rental per day
  • € 39 per person for min. 2 pers.
    hire a guide to bike with you on a 2-5h tour
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Farm tours

Farm tours

Join us for an entertaining guided tour around our lively farm! Explore our facilities, hear the captivating stories behind our mission.

You will get to admire our Grey Cattle herd, a rare sight that should not be missed, as well as the graceful horses in our horse sanctuary. This isn’t just a tour, it’s a chance to connect with the charm of our farm in a fun and engaging way. Join us for an experience that’s as entertaining as it is informative!

  • € 22 / person
  • free for guests
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Dinner at the Oak Forest

Dinner at the Oak Forest

Treat yourself to a distinctive culinary experience with a wonderful sunset dinner in an amazing Transylvanian rolling hills landscape by the centuries-old oak pasture near the farm.

As the sun sets, indulge in a delightful multi-course dinner. This exclusive dining experience takes place in the great outdoors, allowing you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking panorama.

  • Starting from € 44 per person
    (depending on group size)
  • minimum 2 people
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Cobor Birdwatching tours

Birdwatching tours

Our guided birdwatching tours at COBOR Biodiversity Farm offer an opportunity to observe a variety of avian species, including…

… bee-eaters, lesser-spotted eagles, golden orioles, hoopoes, common and honey buzzards, kestrels, Ural owls, or little owls at night.

Our guided birdwatching tours at COBOR Biodiversity Farm offer an opportunity to observe a variety of avian species, including bee-eaters, lesser-spotted eagles, golden orioles, hoopoes, common and honey buzzards, kestrels, Ural owls, or little owls at night.

  • € 40 per adult
  • € 24 per child under 14
  • minimum 3 persons
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Botanical tours

Botanical tours

Delve into Cobor’s hills and meadows on our enriching botanical tours. Led by expert guides, explore diverse flora and observe butterflies in their natural habitat.

Gain insights into plant ecosystems and seasonal highlights from June to July. Perfect for nature lovers and educational excursions. Advance booking recommended for an immersive botanical experience.

  • starting at € 165 per tour depending on group size
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Annual events

Discover the charm of Cobor village by participating in one of our annual events – a celebration of the vibrant spirit and natural wonders of the region. Join us in fostering community ties, promoting the rich local culture, and savouring the unique flavours of Transylvanian cuisine. Our signature events, include the Carpathia Bike Tour, ‘Cobor între Stejari’ Festival, and The Goulash Competition. These offer immersive experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Nature, tradition, and the warmth of community come together at these gatherings to create unforgettable memories. Join us on a journey of connection, exploration, and celebration at COBOR Biodiversity Farm.

Carpathia Bike Tour, a cycling event organised by Foundation Conservation Carpathia, in partnership with COBOR Biodiversity Farm, invites cycling and nature enthusiasts on 8th June, 2024 for its third edition. This year’s event features an extended route and a unique experience in the Transylvanian Hills, showcasing the region’s biodiversity, history, and culture.

Participants are invited to cycle approximately 80 km through the beautiful and historic villages of Transylvania, along winding roads that traverse hills scented with the fragrance of flowers, through cool forests, and on roads with light traffic. The COBOR Biodiversity Farm is where cyclists will stop for lunch and discover a sustainable, nature-friendly business that supports community development.

For the first time, the tour will also pass through Viscri, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The tour begins at Rupea Fortress and continues through Homorod, Ungra, Crihalma, Ticuș, reaching Cobor, where COBOR Biodiversity Farm will await cyclists with traditional goulash (made from Transylvanian Grey Cattle meat) and other surprises. The route continues to Jibert, Dacia, and on to Viscri, returning to Dacia, then going towards Rupea. The finish line is at Rupea Fortress.

With an average to advanced difficulty level, the route can be covered on MTB, cross-country, or trekking bicycles. The tour is recommended for trained cyclists who have undertaken similar distance tours with a comparable level of difficulty.

Protective equipment for public roads, adherence to traffic rules, and compliance with the speed set by the organiser for riding in a group are mandatory.

Carpathia Bike Tour
Carpathia Bike Tour

This a lovely two-day festival celebrating nature and music in Transylvania. This event is organised by Foundation Conservation Carpathia and COBOR Biodiversity Farm. It highlights the old oak pastures in the Cobor village area, as well as the return of the oaks on other pastures due to the Foundation’s efforts. The festival is an experience that includes hikes, concerts and guided tours.

‘Cobor între Stejari’ is the meeting place between old and new, between the ancient oaks that have been preserved in the area for hundreds of years and the young oaks that are taking root here. In an ecological restoration project started by Foundation Conservation Carpathia in 2019, more than 550 sessile oak (Quercus petraea) saplings have found their place here, with another 150 added last spring.

The village of Cobor is one of the oldest Transylvanian villages and is situated in the middle of these rare oak wood pastures, which are unique in Europe.

The festival is an invitation to discover these natural values through hikes in areas with ancient oak trees, tours through the old Transylvanian village, visits to the COBOR Biodiversity Farm, and excursions to the meadows where new oak saplings are taking root.

Evenings during the festival are dedicated to dancing and enjoying live music at COBOR Biodiversity Farm. This year’s edition will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of June.

'Cobor între Stejari' Festival
'Cobor între Stejari' Festival

In October, the village of Cobor buzzes with excitement as cauldrons simmer and bubble for The Goulash Competition – a delightful event perfect for sharing with friends and family. Hosted by COBOR Biodiversity Farm and Foundation Conservation Carpathia, this competition puts the spotlight on the Transylvanian Grey Cattle meat, a premium product from the farm.

The Goulash Competition is more than just a feast for the taste buds; it offers an authentic autumnal experience on the farm. The air carries hints of ripe fruit from laden trees and the scent of hay prepared for winter. Visitors can enjoy a guided farm tour, family-friendly activities, and leisurely strolls under the mild October sun.

During the contest, multiple teams, each with a maximum of five members, enter the competition, showcasing their finest goulash creations for the public to savour. This gastronomic event is accompanied by live music, setting a harmonious and festive atmosphere.

Mark your calendars for the 12th of October and get ready for a day filled with culinary delights, autumnal charm, and shared moments of joy at COBOR Biodiversity Farm.

The Goulash Competition
The Goulash Competition

Positioned amid expansive beech and ancient oak forests, alongside rolling hills and fertile meadows, our farm provides an authentic glimpse into rural life.

Experience the enchanting beauty of nature surrounding you, creating a serene and captivating environment. Here, you can encounter birds, insects, and plants that have vanished from many other European regions.

We are particularly proud of our commitment to preserving the autochthonous Transylvanian cattle species – the Grey Cattle – an almost extinct breed with remarkable genetic traits.

COBOR Biodiversity Farm is not just a testament to conservation, it’s a living testament to the intricate connections between lands and people, proving that with thoughtful management, we can nurture the environment, empower communities, and sustain a flourishing future.

The Farm

Our farm is one of the most beautiful ecotourism projects in Romania, a blend of high natural value pastures, biodiversity conservation, organic agriculture.

It is an ideal destination for tourism and business and a wonderful place for horses and Transylvanian Grey Cattle. It is a great example of how biodiversity conservation, traditional architecture, and a community-driven enterprise can go hand in hand, supporting local livelihoods and environmental conservation.

Experience the tranquillity and beauty of Transylvanian rolling hills and ancient oak forests. Whether you prefer biking, birdwatching, hiking, or simply enjoying peaceful days, Cobor is your ideal retreat to relax and recharge.

Explore the diverse activities available at COBOR Biodiversity Farm, offering something for everyone to enjoy. From guided farm tours to dinners by the oak forest, horse cart rides, and camping under the stars, there’s plenty to experience. Take scenic bike tours, discover nature on botanical and birdwatching excursions, or opt for glamping. Additionally, guests can enjoy complimentary activities such as slacklining, archery, kite flying, badminton, football for kids, darts, Mölkky (Finnish throwing game), cornhole (lawn game), and more.

The farm is conveniently situated just 80 km from Brașov and a short hour’s drive from the renowned Transylvanian UNESCO site, Viscri. The nearest international airports are in Brașov, Sibiu and Târgu Mureș.

Perfect for animal lovers, the farm offers encounters with horses, the rare Transylvanian Grey Cattle, various birds, and local wildlife.

Delight your taste buds with organic dishes made from local ingredients, following traditional Transylvanian recipes. An enticing blend of nature, activities, and authentic flavours awaits your discovery!

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COBOR Biodiversity Farm features two beautifully restored guesthouses located close to each other. Together, these have a capacity of 12 rooms and can accommodate up to 24 guests. Wi-Fi is available, towels and basic toiletries are included. We are a pet-friendly establishment.

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Guesthouse 21

An inviting blend of cosy modernity with an authentic touch. Explore the revival of an old story with traditional restoration, featuring recycled wood and reconditioned stones. Enjoy the ambiance of our cool cellar and relax in the lovely barbecue area. Here you can feel the seamless blend of history and comfort.


Four rooms – accommodates 10 guests

Street view room: large room with a double bed, bathroom, and an additional single bed.

Large apartment: spacious room with two dining tables and a fireplace plus a bathroom, two bedrooms upstairs – a twin room and a double room, with an additional bathroom and a balcony accessible from the hallway.

Medium apartment: one large room with a single bed and bathroom with an additional room with two single beds upstairs.

Guesthouse 282

Reimagined from its roots as an old traditional farm house, Guesthouse 282 underwent restoration in the summer of 2017, radiating a warm and inviting ambiance. The outcome is a comfortable, contemporary guesthouse where you can soak in the tranquillity and appreciate Transylvania’s remarkable biodiversity. The ground floor features a dining room for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.


Eight rooms in total, each with its own bathroom – accommodates 14 guests

Three single rooms, one of which can be converted into a twin (extra bed)

Three double rooms, beds can be separated upon request.

One twin room with twin beds – beds cannot be joined

One triple room – One double bed (can be separated upon request) and one single bed


Overnight with breakfast included – 50 EUR / person

Full board – 77 EUR / person

Lunch – 9 EUR / person

Dinner – 18 EUR / person

Children under 4 years – free of charge (accommodation, food and tours)

Children up to 14 years old benefit from a 40% discount (accommodation, food and tours)

Savour the delights of our farm-to-table experience at Cobor Biodiversity Farm. Indulge in organic dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients, following time-honoured Transylvanian recipes.


In an era where convenience often overshadows the significance of food, we strive to rekindle the appreciation for its uniqueness.

Our commitment extends to cultivating vegetables in our own garden, focusing on organic and heirloom varieties renowned for their superior quality. While these varieties may yield less, their excellence in taste is unparalleled. The majority of our culinary offerings are proudly produced on our farm, with additional provisions sourced from select local producers who align with our stringent standards of quality and animal welfare.

We cater to diverse dietary preferences and needs. Whether accommodating restrictions or curating menus specially designed for children, we ensure that every dining experience is a celebration of exceptional taste, nourishment, and ethical sourcing. Join us in rediscovering the true essence of food – a journey that goes beyond the ordinary.

Grey Cattle

Approximately half of the endangered Grey Cattle population in Romania, totalling around 500, resides on our farm, adding a touch of beauty and grandeur to the region. Beyond being an attraction for our guests, this breed is semi-wild, thriving outdoors every day of the year. Renowned for its excellent meat quality, a testament to the pristine environmental conditions it inhabits, the cattle maintain a healthy diet of grass and alfalfa, growing naturally without forced fattening.

These cattle actively contribute to the preservation of high nature value (HNV) meadows surrounding the village. The sustainable land-use practices, particularly cattle grazing, are instrumental in upholding the biodiversity of these meadows.

With historical roots dating back to the 12th to 18th centuries, Grey Cattle played a vital role in peasant life, showcasing their strength in pulling carts and ploughs, milk production (8-10 litres/day), and meat supply.

Known for their resilience, these cattle endure harsh winters outdoors and possess immunity to various diseases, making them highly prized during the Middle Ages.

Historical records recount the transportation of over 1,000 cattle by foot from Transylvania to Vienna markets, at a time when diseases had driven cattle out of central Europe.

Despite facing near-extinction due to agricultural mechanization and the rise of specialised breeds, Grey Cattle find a sanctuary at the COBOR Biodiversity Farm. Our commitment to traditional cattle grazing aligns with the conservation of grassland biodiversity, a crucial aspect of the region’s ecological balance.

Book a farm holiday and admire our Grey Cattle herd, a unique sight in the Transylvanian hills not to be missed!

Horse Livery & Rehabilitation Centre

Located in the heart of southern Transylvania, Cobor village is surrounded by pristine meadows and pastures, showcasing some of Europe’s last untouched ecological landscapes. In 2016, our Horse Livery and Rehabilitation Centre in Cobor opened its gates, providing 20 hectares of securely fenced grassland where our boarding horses have ample space to roam. This serene landscape, surrounded by the picturesque Transylvanian hills, offers an ideal environment for young and retired horses alike, as well as nurturing mares with their foals.

With the inclusion of a round pen and various expansive pastures, the rehabilitation process unfolds gradually under the watchful eyes of our specialised horse-keeper/trainer. Daily care and observation ensure the well-being of the horses, while they enjoy access to the nutrient-rich grass and hay from Cobor’s herb-laden meadows.

The external environment is critical for the recovery of horses, playing a pivotal role in determining whether a horse achieves full recuperation. Our Rehabilitation Centre features ten 4×4 m boxes, with the option to extend them into small paddocks measuring an additional 4×6 m.

Tailored for the needs of young stock, mares with foals, or cherished retired horses, our facility goes beyond offering a consistent supply of fresh grass and quality hay, including alfalfa during winter. Horses can find respite in sun and weather shelters, receiving daily grooming, additional concentrate feeding, and routine veterinary and farrier services.

Our dedicated staff ensures that each horse receives personalised attention and excellent care. From separate herds for stallions and geldings to groups for mares with foals or young stock, our extensive enclosures cover over 20 hectares. Throughout the year, the horses graze on high-quality grass and drink from clean water sources originating from deep wells.

Summer shelters shield against the sun, heat, and flies, while in spring and autumn, they provide refuge from rain and cold. Horse owners have the option to select our stabling service for their horses during winter nights. An additional fee applies for this service. Horses can also stay outdoors on the pastures, equipped with rugs and ready to face the changing seasons.

At our Horse Livery and Rehabilitation Centre, we prioritize the well-being of our equine companions, offering a tranquil haven and optimal conditions for their health and happiness.

150 EUR / month May – October

200 EUR / month November – April

Custom services are also available upon demand

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