Comisu Wildlife Hides


High in a meadow above the tree line, these wooden hides provide stunning views of the Făgăraș Mountains at 1,600 meters. They accommodate up to six guests, offering a comfortable retreat for wildlife observation. With full board, guided hikes, and off-road transportation, this is an ideal spot for nature lovers.

20th April – 18th October

Wildlife watching

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Wildlife Hides

Up in a high meadow above the tree line lie the Comisu I & II wildlife observation hides, a great place for those who love adventures off the beaten track. The views up there are hard to beat!

Let us take you on a hiking trip to the most beautiful and unspoiled parts of the Făgăraș Mountains, where breathtaking views await and wildlife roams free!

Welcome to Comisu Wildlife Hides

You will spend an unforgettable time watching and tracking wildlife from this wooden hide located at 1,600 m.

Get a chance to see bears, lynx, wolves, red deer, roe deer or the newly reintroduced European bison, roaming freely! Piatra Craiului, Făgăraș and Iezer-Păpușa Mountains offer breathtaking views at sunset.

Built by Foundation Conservation Carpathia in 2017 as part of the largest private conservation project in Europe, the hides are located on the south-eastern side of the highest mountain range in Romania and are a green business example that has a positive impact on the environment.

Remember to stay quiet at dawn and dusk, as you may have pleasant (wildlife) surprises. The adventure includes accommodation, off-road transportation to the valley, specialised guide and full board.

Access to the Comisu wildlife hides entails a hike up a gravel mountain road, ascending approximately 500 metres in altitude over a moderate incline. The hike typically lasts around two hours, with the duration varying based on individual fitness levels.

Our Comisu wildlife hides can accommodate up to six guests (four in Comisu I and two in Comisu II). Comisu I has four bunk beds and Comisu II has two bunk beds. The two hides are located about 10 minutes hike apart.


Meet your guide in Rucăr village, Argeș county, at a designated address. You can safely leave your car here. After a short briefing, you will embark on a 4WD car journey and venture deep into the Dâmbovița River valley.

Enjoy a hiking trip (of around two hours, depending on your fitness level) to the Comisu hides.

At dusk, look for bears, wild boar, bison, foxes, red deer or roe deer from the safety of the hide.

In the evening, enjoy a home-made dinner and our local, organic CARPATHIA beer. There are plenty of opportunities in the evenings to listen to or to tell stories.

At the crack of dawn, wake up to see wildlife with a mug of fresh tea or coffee.

After a delicious breakfast, you may choose from several hiking trails to explore the surroundings (for a minimum stay of two nights). During our journey, we may check our camera traps for wildlife monitoring.

At lunchtime, we choose a scenic place with a breathtaking view over Făgăraș and Iezer-Păpușa Mountains to relax and enjoy a well-deserved picnic (this applies for minimum stay two nights; for a one-night stay, you will receive a packaged lunch).


Maximum group size: 6

€ 173 / person (first night)

€ 115 / person (any additional night)

Children up to 12 years old benefit from a 40% discount (accommodation, food and tours)

Exclusivity for you and your group (extra fees may apply)


Accommodation at Comisu hides

Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Off-road transportation in Dâmbovița Valley and electric raft transfer (weather depending)

Licensed & specialised guide

Guided day hikes

Fine print

70% of all revenues end up within local communities, all profits go towards the conservation work of Foundation Conservation Carpathia.

What you will find at Comisu wildlife hide

Eco-friendly, wooden buildings with rustic design

Bunk beds and sleeping bags

Sleeping bag liners

Rustic fireplace


Compost toilets just outside the hides

Large windows for wildlife watching and wildlife photography


Field guides: birds, mammals, plants and other relevant brochures

Rain ponchos

GSM service (depending on your mobile network operator)

What you will not find at Comisu wildlife hide



Running water


Complete wildlife watching experience

Would you prefer the comfort of Bunea hide? Or the scenic location of Comisu hide?

Then why not try both?

Spend a night in each of our wildlife observation hides deep in the wilderness of the Făgăraș Mountains. We have carefully chosen the perfect locations to build our Bunea and Comisu hides, after years of studying wild animal tracks and their behaviour throughout this area of the Făgăraș Mountains.

Strategically placed in natural clearings, but hidden enough to not impact wildlife movements, our hides offer wildlife enthusiasts the possibility of seeing bears, as well as other wild animals, from inside the safety of these cabins.

We offer a complete package to both of these fantastic locations. This includes overnight stay, expert guide, transfer from Rucăr village, and delicious local and organic meals and drinks. Our hides are an ideal destination for individuals or small groups who want to experience true wilderness and amazing wildlife.

Fine print

70% of all revenues end up within local communities, all profits go towards the conservation work of Foundation Conservation Carpathia.

Bunea & Comisu wildlife watching

  • € 368 / person
  • Children up to 12 years old benefit from a 40% discount (accommodation, food and tours)
  • maximum group size: 6
  • Exclusivity for you and your group (extra fees may apply)
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