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We are dedicated to offering our guests an unparalleled experience, where every element, from the breathtaking wilderness to the delectable cuisine and cosy accommodations, contributes to unforgettable memories. Central to this experience are our knowledgeable and passionate guides, who are integral to ensuring our guests’ enjoyment and safety.

As part of our continuous efforts to provide our guests with the best possible experiences, we have started our very own guiding school.

The idea behind this long-term programme is to provide our guides with the specialised training they require in order to be the finest ecotourism guides in Romania. For us, this is not a new endeavour, the roots of this programme can be traced back four or five years. These years of experience grew into what we now call the Travel Carpathia Guiding Academy. Our academy curriculum encompasses modules on local flora and fauna, hospitality best practices, culinary workshops and other essential skills necessary for delivering exceptional experiences.

We’re always hard at work, training our guides through periodic sessions throughout each year. This allows them to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and best practices. Safety is paramount in all our endeavours, which is why we started with first aid training for our guides and staff. While the majority of them are already certified, we believe in regular practice to maintain and enhance these critical skills.

Experience & passion

Of course, all of our guides are already fully licensed and have a great deal of experience and passion. However, our view is that a true guide’s learning journey never ends. We think that no matter how good the knowledge foundation of our guides may be, there is always room for improvement.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere hospitality – it’s a philosophy that permeates every aspect of our operations.

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Travel Carpathia was created to allow Romanian and foreign visitors to experience the beauty and wildness of the Făgăraș Mountains and the conservation projects of Foundation Conservation Carpathia.

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