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Meet the passionate individuals who drive our vision forward and bring our mission to life every day.

Diana Alexe

Bookings & Sales Specialist

Hi there! I’m Diana, a booking specialist at Travel Carpathia. My journey into this role started with a strong interest in sustainability, and how tourism could change things for the better. As an outdoor enthusiast, I’ve always loved immersing myself in nature. Recently, I discovered a newfound passion for wildlife tracking, which adds an exciting dimension to my adventures. Whether you wish to explore the lush forests of the Carpathian Mountains or discover hidden gems off the beaten path, I’m eager to help you plan your journey!

Robert Lazăr

Bookings & Sales Specialist

Greetings to all nature enthusiasts! I’m Robert, born in Brașov, so I am as local as one can be. Besides being a certified guide, I also have several years of experience as a travel agent. I am a passionate cyclist, I love hiking, travelling and also nature photography. Alongside my passion for wildlife and a fascination for all sorts of mushrooms, I find joy in assisting fellow adventurers. Whether you’re looking for travel tips, wildlife encounters or insights for memorable journeys, count on me to design a perfect holiday. Let’s share the love for wildlife, conservation and the great outdoors!

Thea Codreanu

Guiding Academy & Customer Care

Hello there! I’m Thea, and I wear a couple of hats here at Travel Carpathia. My love for the outdoors and exciting activities is deeply rooted in who I am — I’m all about hiking, mountain biking, and carving through the slopes and backcountry on my snowboard. Beyond my passion for outdoor adventures, I feel a deep sense of gratitude for being a child of this Earth. I firmly believe in the transformative power of people and the power of nature conservation.

In my role managing the Guiding Academy and customer care, my focus is on ensuring that our guests not only have an unforgettable experience but also contribute to respecting and preserving the natural environment. Let’s embark on these trails together, creating lasting memories while leaving a positive impact on the places we visit!

Ioana Toma

Hospitality Coordinator at COBOR Biodiversity Farm

Hello there! I’m Ioana, the hospitality coordinator at COBOR Biodiversity Farm. Having grown up in one of Transylvania’s most stunning regions, I was thrilled to discover that tourism here is evolving with a focus on blending nature conservation and community development. That’s why I’m proud to be part of the team at Travel Carpathia. I invite you to join me at the Cobor Farm to explore our breathtaking meadows, forests, and the incredible array of wildlife and birdlife Cobor has to offer.

Catherine Cords

Manager & Guide at Equus Silvania

Hi! I’m Catherine, originally from Germany, where I studied Biology before becoming part of the Equus Silvania team. I’ve always been deeply passionate about horse riding and previously worked as a guide in Spain.

What captivates me about Equus are two main things: the chance to work closely with the incredible horses in this expansive and untouched landscape, and the opportunity to explore the wild nature that surrounds the farm and extends into the Carpathian Mountains. I’m excited to share the beauty of the Transylvanian landscape with you in the most authentic way possible – on horseback!

Samuelle Ullrich

Assistant manager & Guide at Equus Silvania

I’m Samuelle, but everyone calls me Sam. Originally from France, I’ve been part of the Equus Silvania team since the summer of 2019, first as an ecotourism intern and then as a riding guide. My passion lies in biodiversity and horses, and I’m excited to share with you the incredible secrets and wonders of the untamed Transylvanian landscapes, both on horse-back and on foot. If you have any questions relating to the local wildlife, I’ll be happy to answer them for you!

Marius Ursaciuc

Culture and Nature Guide

I’m Marius and I’m passionate about both culture and wildlife. When you join our trips to the villages in the Transylvanian hills, I’ll be your source of information. With a wealth of knowledge, particularly about birds, I’m always eager to share my stories and insights to ensure your excursions are anything but boring.

István Szabó

CEO Travel Carpathia

Hello, my name is Istvan and I am among the fortunate people who have built the Conservation Carpathia Foundation’s Conservation Enterprise Department brick by brick over the past few years. During this time, I have been involved in the development of ecotourism services, collaboration with local producers, and various forms of consultancy. Beyond management activities, in my daily life, I am a proud father of two children and an active participant in my family’s tourism business, working as a waiter, tour guide, or even cleaning staff.

Radu Micu

Tourism Operations Manager

Hi, I’m Radu. I’m committed to making sure that everyone who visits us enjoys the best in comfort, amenities, and safety. I have a deep love for the mountains and spend my free time hiking, camping, and enjoying the great outdoors. I’m excited about our goal to create a National Park in the Făgăraș Mountains. Together, we can preserve the natural beauty of this region and provide unforgettable experiences for all our visitors.

Andrei Popa

Digital Marketing Specialist

I’m Andrei, when I’m not crafting marketing strategies, you’ll find me hiking in the mountains, climbing rock faces, or snapping photos of nature’s incredible beauty. My goal here is simple: to spread the word about our unique ecotourism program to those who will truly appreciate it. I’m all about keeping our communications transparent and ensuring we present honest, balanced information. After all, preserving the integrity of the people and places we promote is just as important as finding the perfect angle for that mountain sunrise photo. Let’s share the beauty of Romania with the world—one carefully crafted message at a time!

Our local team

Each of our locations welcomes you with a high standard of hospitality, with a focus on our core values. This is all made possible by our teams at each location, who ensure that your experience is seamless, full of delicious meals that allow you to discover new flavours and help us to achieve our vision of ecotourism. We are all in love with the wonders of nature and want to protect the wilderness that still exists in the Carpathians.

It is a pleasure to share with you our knowledge, our sense of simple and authentic life in the heart of the mountains, by meeting you at the Cobor Biodiversity Farm, at the wildlife hideouts deep in the wild Carpathians or by showing you the tracks of wild animals while riding through the Transylvanian hills.

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