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At Travel Carpathia, our vision and philosophy are deeply rooted in those of our mother company Foundation Conservation Carpathia. Travel Carpathia was created to allow Romanian and foreign visitors to experience the beauty and wildness of the Făgăraș Mountains and the conservation projects of Foundation Conservation Carpathia.

Travel Carpathia - Captivating Encounters

We are an innovative ecotourism tour operator that offers visitors authentic experiences focused on nature, people and cultural values of the villages in the areas we operate in. We provide guided tours, wildlife encounters, unique equestrian experiences and sustainable accommodation options which are all aimed at highlighting the beauty and diversity of nature.

Overall, ecotourism is a multifaceted concept that aims to balance economic, social, and ecological factors.

It recognises the need to promote sustainable development while preserving the natural and cultural heritage. Together with the Foundation, we aim to create a new, non-destructive economy that would benefit biodiversity as well as the local communities. Our ultimate goal is to establish a world-class wilderness reserve in the Southern Romanian Carpathians. This will be an icon for conservation in Europe, and a new emblematic National Park for our continent that will benefit everyone.

Travel Carpathia - Făgăraș Mountains


We understand that, when it comes to ecotourism, honesty is one of the essential attributes. As are their rights, visitors look for authenticity and real connections with nature and local culture. By giving a faithful description of the experiences we offer, we try to preserve the integrity of the people and places that we promote.

Our marketing communications have to be transparent and need to present factual and balanced information. Negatively affecting the reputation of Romania as an ecotourism destination, as well as the long-term viability of this emerging sector, is something we definitely strive to avoid.

Travel Carpathia - Guest-Oriented Approach

Guest-Oriented Approach

Our focus is on you, the guest. We tailor the experiences we provide so that these can meet your unique preferences. We want to make sure that anyone who crosses our doorstep feels welcomed and valued. Hospitality defines our interactions. Warmth, friendliness, and genuine care are some of the core principles for us and all the many local partners we work with.

Respect for the Environment

We respect the environment and wildlife of the Carpathian region. Through sustainable practices, we aim to reduce our ecological impact and promote responsible tourism. We place great importance on ethical human-wildlife interactions, and we do our best to foster consideration for the natural habitat. Understanding the importance of maintaining a safe distance and minimising disruption to wildlife, we go all-out to uphold these principles.

We feel obliged to make sure that each wild animal has a right to space and food, and that we don’t intervene in any way in modifying its behaviour. Our focus is on providing unforgettable experiences while safeguarding wildlife and their habitats for future generations. This differentiates us from many other operators, where you might observe more wildlife, which is intensively fed and consequently has changed its behaviour.

Green Infrastructure

Travel Carpathia - Green Infrastructure

We’re all about creating tourism infrastructure that respects the environment and the local communities. We create both an infrastructure for our direct guests as well as an infrastructure for the general public such as visitor centres, hiking trails, or other points to visit. We make sure not to waste anything and use our resources wisely, recycling and reusing materials whenever we can.

When we decide what to buy, we always think about how it will impact the environment. Even if it costs a bit more, we prioritise building in a way that minimises harm to nature. We’re big on learning from others and following their lead to save resources. Also, we make a point of using eco-friendly and organic supplies, like natural and biodegradable cleaning products.

Travel Carpathia - Green Infrastructure

It’s not just about showing off nature’s beauty but also about honouring the land and its cultural heritage. And by hiring local workers and artisans, we not only add authenticity to our projects but also support the local economy. Throughout our construction processes, we’re careful to use sustainable materials.

Wood devoid of non-natural preservatives, serves as our primary construction material due to its renewable nature. Natural paints and oils or rock wool for insulation are further examples. Although it is a challenge, we’re always committed to finding alternative solutions to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Stoenesti village traditional shepherding

Empowering Communities, Honouring Heritage

We want to work closely with the people living in the areas around the Făgăraș Mountains to build a partnership focused on nature conservation and the well-being of local communities. Our aim is for ecotourism not just to showcase the stunning landscapes but also to contribute to the prosperity of the communities involved while preserving the natural and cultural treasures they rely on. Striking this delicate balance is crucial, and we’re committed to doing our best to achieve it. In line with this vision, we’re passionate about providing authentic cultural experiences that celebrate and promote the rich heritage of the Carpathian region. We actively involve local communities in shaping our tourism offerings, integrating their traditions, customs, and practices to ensure the mutual respect and benefits for everyone involved.

Travel Carpathia - Empowering Communities

Authentic Local Food

We want our guests to enjoy amazing and authentic local food during their stay with us. The food used by Travel Carpathia is purchased from the Fruits of the Mountains (RO: Roadele Munților), another conservation enterprise created by Foundation Conservation Carpathia. It is a food hub used for the collection and distribution of local, traditional, and natural products from the Făgăraș Mountains area. This project is part of a larger programme to support local farmers in this area.

They are small, certified producers who farm responsibly, respect nature and who care about ingredients and traditional recipes. We are aware that ‘traditional’ does not automatically mean ‘outstandingly tasty’, and since we all love to dine with exquisite taste, we take the liberty to enrich and enhance local tastes.

Travel Carpathia - Authentic Local Food

However, we are overall committed to promoting local cuisine and so we try our best to source organic local products that highlight the diverse flavours of the Carpathian region.

We ensure food safety and quality by selecting fresh, high-quality ingredients and maintaining strict hygiene standards. Additionally, we take steps to minimise food waste throughout our operations.

Safety and

The safety and well-being of our guests is extremely important for us. This is why we make sure that all our guides and staff are well-versed in providing first aid. Additionally, the equipment that might be needed in case of an emergency is in the right places. This includes everything from satellite phones, well-stocked first aid kits, foldable stretchers, and much more. Since our tours take place in some very remote places, this aspect is of great importance to us.

We have rigorous safety protocols and risk management practices. Also, we work closely with local emergency services and mountain search and rescue teams. And, last but not least, the places we offer overnight stays in are also built with beauty and comfort in mind.

Team Values

Our team values are all about working together and supporting one another. We believe in the power of collaboration, understanding that each of us brings unique skills and experiences to the table. We see each other as colleagues and partners, not competitors, and we’re always there to inspire and help each other grow. Our communication is open and honest, and we’re always ready to lend a hand when needed.

Trust is really important to us, so we never take advantage of each other’s kindness. Instead, we share knowledge and information freely, knowing that we’re stronger together. And when things don’t go as planned, we don’t hide our mistakes – we work together to find solutions and learn from them. That’s what being part of the Travel Carpathia team is all about – supporting each other and working together towards our goals.

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