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Wildlife Hides

Experience one or several of our wildlife observation hides deep in the wilderness of the Făgăraș Mountains. We have carefully chosen the perfect locations to build our Bunea and Comisu hides, after years of studying wild animal tracks and their behaviour throughout that area of the Făgăraș Mountains.

Strategically placed in natural clearings, but hidden enough to not impact wildlife movements, our hides offer wildlife enthusiasts the possibility of seeing bears, as well as other wild animals, from inside the safety of these cabins. We offer a complete package to both of these fantastic locations. The various hides have different capacities, from small two-person hides to more spacious cabins with six or eight beds.

All our trips include overnight stay, expert guide, transfer from Rucăr village, and delicious local and organic meals and drinks. Our hides are an ideal destination for couples or small groups, who want to experience true wilderness and amazing wildlife.

Please note that children staying at the hides must be at least eight years old.

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Bunea Comisu

COBOR Biodiversity Farm

Discover the tranquillity and beauty of the Transylvanian hills and centuries-old oak forests in the village of Cobor, located in southern Transylvania, between hills and pastures with high natural value and diversity of plants, insects and birds. Go on a farm tour and get to know the fearless, but loving Carpathian shepherd dogs, as well as the charismatic Transylvanian Grey cattle, and experience simple and authentic living.

Explore the hills on foot, with a horse-drawn cart or by bike. We also offer camping experiences, a range of guided hiking or biking tours, birdwatching or botanical tours, as well as a wonderful sundowner and dinner experience.

The Cobor Farm is a unique destination for families with various aged children and for all nature and bird lovers. Upon request, the whole family can participate in an archery competition or try slacklining. We have bikes available for rent in all sizes for family biking tours.

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COBOR Biodiversity Farm

Equus Silvania

Wilderness and Horse-Riding Centre

At the foothills of the Transylvanian Carpathians, in the small village of Șinca Nouă, you can find a guesthouse and equestrian centre dedicated to the highest standards of ecotourism. This newly renovated and upgraded venue blends beauty, traditions, classic gastronomy and fine dining experiences, untamed nature, and a welcoming environment.

Enjoy horse riding experiences, as well as guided nature walks in this beautiful natural area.

In addition to catering to both novice and experienced riders, we also offer the option to experience hiking in virgin forests, spend an evening observing bears from a nearby bear-hide, roam through lush flower meadows, or indulge in local flavours and carefully selected organic wines during fine dining occasions. Equus Silvania is the perfect location for families who seek adventure and nature experiences with an increased level of comfort. Thanks to its unique location, excellent facilities, charming farm animals, and wide range of activities, families may have a tough time getting their children to leave.

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Equus Silvania

Valea Vladului Chalet

Situated deep in a valley of the Făgăraș Mountains at an elevation of 1248 m, Valea Vladului Chalet is the perfect place to spend a few days in the heart of nature. Go for amazing hikes up into the alpine zone of the Făgăraș Mountains, experience a night in a small outlet looking for wildlife, and enjoy a comfortable stay in this chalet made with natural materials and equipped with everything you need – an atmosphere ideal for an evening of board games or storytelling around the fireplace.

Disconnect and relax away from phone signal and Wi-Fi, and go on hikes in the surrounding forest together with one of our guides. Valea Vladului is an ideal place for families and groups, who want to spend time in a truly wild place deep in the mountains.

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Valea Vladului Chalet

Poiana Tămaș Wilderness Camp

Poiana Tămaș wilderness camp, situated at an elevation of 1460 m in a picturesque meadow with stunning views upon the rock walls of Piatra Craiului, Iezer-Păpușa Mountains, the easternmost Făgăraș Mountains, and the vast forests in-between them, offers an unforgettable experience.

Our camp combines the charm of a lovingly restored shepherd’s hut with the comfort of spacious glamping-style tents, creating an inviting space for groups between 10 and up to 50 guests. The camp has 17 double tents and three larger tents equipped with beds and warm down bedding, and secured by an electric fence all around. The camp is equipped with eco-friendly compost toilets and hot water bucket showers.

All meals are prepared by a chef with local products to offer guests traditional and simple food with outstanding taste.

Nature enthusiasts will surely appreciate the location, ideal for hiking, wildlife tracking and bird watching, storytelling by the bonfire, stargazing, or just enjoying the incredible scenery. Poiana Tămaș Wilderness Camp is perfectly suited for smaller or larger groups who are looking for a deep nature experience in the safety of a secured camp.

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Poiana Tămaș wilderness camp


The Forest of Immortal Stories

Discover the Forest of Immortal Stories, a visionary project born from the deep-seated desire to safeguard Nucșoara’s ancient and majestic beech trees and featured by international media like the New York Times. While our own lifespans are fleeting, these venerable trees endure, almost immortal in their resilience. They stand as custodians of time, capable of recounting tales long after we’re gone.

These arboreal giants bear witness to centuries of history and embody invaluable heritage. Moreover, their advanced age renders them crucial agents of carbon sequestration, sources of pure air, and repositories of future memories and experiences. Another option, guided by the local mountain rescue team, is to descend with us for a few hours into Elm’s Valley, an almost inaccessible gorge with 11 consecutive waterfalls, where even some abseiling is required.

Nucșoara, gateway to some of the wildest places of the Făgăraș Mountains and departure point to ascend Moldoveanu Peak, Romania’s highest peak, is well-known for its rich history of traditional crafts such as weaving, sewing, embroidery, egg-painting, carving, and woodworking.

Come with us to visit some of these craftsmen, whose skills have been passed down through the generations and continue to still be practiced by the locals today. We have developed different hiking trails around this area and we collaborate with select guesthouses in this part. Nucșoara is a great get-away for individuals, couples, families or groups of friends who want to experience the amazing nature and local traditions in this typical Carpathian mountain village.

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