Unique Ecotourism Experiences


The beauty, the wildness and the natural peculiarities such as the virgin forests
or the large carnivores of the Carpathians make the area ideal
for ecotourism development.

At Foundation Conservation Carpathia, we believe in sustainable tourism
that doesn’t harm the environment while helping the local communities.

Whether you wish to venture deep in the heart of Făgăraș Mountains
and stay at one of our wildlife hides or explore the Transylvanian Hills from
our Biodiversity Farm in Cobor, you are in the right place.


“We are all committed to creating memorable experiences,
one guest at a time!” –  Travel Carpathia Team


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What our guests say


We can’t help but feel very lucky to have seen boar, bear and deer up close and personal all in one evening! The views from the mountain top were breathtaking and we saw lots of tracks on our hike.



About Foundation Conservation Carpathia

The Carpathian Mountains and the Transylvanian hills are amongst the most valuable natural areas left in Europe. More than half of the European Union’s virgin forests are located in the Romanian Carpathians and about a third of Europe’s large carnivores roam the forests of these mountains.

Besides them, the centuries-old land management of the Transylvanian hills has preserved an incredible variety of plants, insects, birds, and enchanted wood pastures. This all mixed with picturesque medieval villages and an ancient lifestyle makes a unique experience for all nature-loving visitors.


Foundation Conservation Carpathia is one of the largest private conservation initiatives on the continent and has the goal to create a world-class wilderness reserve in the Făgăraș Mountains.

Today, Travel Carpathia offers visitors the opportunity to discover wildlife by taking a unique wildlife tracking tour, spend the night at our eco-friendly hides and learn about the Foundation’s rewilding and restoration projects. Besides that, we warmly recommend you include our Biodiversity Farm at Cobor to enjoy the raw beauty of Transylvania and learn more about our sustainable farming practices.

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