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Capercaillie is an emblematic species, which is on the brink of extinction in most of Western Europe due to the degradation or loss of habitat, but still quite present in the Carpathian Mountains.

What is Capercaillie Lek?
Simply put, it is when the male Capercaillie shows off and fights to impress the Capercaillie hens. Normally, just a few birds gather for a lek. The victorious male gets to mate with the hens in the traditional site.




Immerse deep into the forest and witness male Capercaillie parading for the attention of the females through their specific “dance”. We will take you far from the tourist trails, to the preferred areas for this shy bird.


The guide will pick you up early in the morning from the guesthouse and you will start with an off-road adventure, up the Dâmbovița Valley.

Be prepared to hike for at least 2 hours, a good time to discover wildlife tracks and birds flying in the area.

Once the sun is rising/setting, you will witness a natural spectacle that colours the sky and lights the beautiful dance of the male Capercaillie. Not as coloured, the females are delicate and much easier to spot.

The wilderness experience is enhanced with cosy accommodation, tasteful picnics, hikes and breathtaking views over Făgăraș, Iezer-Păpușa Mountains and Piatra Craiului National Park.

Suitable for small groups of 2-3 participants.


€ 670/person

€ 175/person/any additional day (includes off-road transport, accommodation/food, guide)


Airport transfers (upon availability)

Off-road transportation in Dâmbovița Valley

Licensed & specialised guide and/or ranger

Accommodation with full board

Fine print

All profits go towards the conservation work of Foundation Conservation Carpathia.


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